© 2017 by Cheng Ching-Yuan. 

永續發展的某種假說|Live Long and Prosper








This is the story of creation in 2017. 


Once upon a time, God said : “Let there be light”, and there was light. Nowadays, humans get whatever they want simply by pointing out the chosen ones, and paying with a click.


The most famous runner in China, KUA FU, who chases the sun from ancient times till now, has started his run again nowadays. However, the shinning sun wasn’t hanging high up in the sky anymore. It had broken into pieces, which later turned into different commodities. Thus, the story of KUA FU chases the Sun is now newly defined. 

Buying, shopping, purchasing has become the new journey. Picking up the pieces of the sun did create a brand-new life which was full of happiness and satisfaction. However, the situation has turned to be more complicated than KUA FU assumed that he started to hold back. The story is not going to end while the sun still shines brightly.